Java JOY

Java JOY is one of JOY International's free small group events for women. We meet the first Thursday of every month to discuss topics relevant and interesting to women and the issues we face. Java JOY provides a great venue for local women to share their stories and encourage, inspire and give hope to other women.

This year at Java JOY we're going to dive into the wisdom the Bible has to share with us through the book of Proverbs. We've invited women across our JOY community to share stories from their lives against the backdrop of many of the

se proverbs. (And there are 915 verses in the 31 chapters of Proverbs, so there is no lack of inspiration!)

At our May Java JOY...

Jolene Beck will speak on Proverbs 10:12: "Hate stirs up trouble, but love forgives all offenses." If you wonder why she chose this verse, it's because she has lived this. For the majority of her life, she was consumed by hate, fueled by the lie that a good and gracious God would not let bad things happen to her. But when bad things did happen to her, she turned her back on God and looked for happiness and love in all the wrong places.

But her story doesn't end there. God's love and truth broke through, and in Him she found a new life, renewed hope, and the promise of new beginnings. 

So join us this Thursday to hear her story of redemption. It promises to be an inspiring evening!

Date and time:

Thursday, May 3rd
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Boneshaker Coffee Company
1501 Mapleton Ave., Bismarck
Free event. No ticket needed.

Want to see what's it like? Check out a few pictures from many of our Java JOY events over the years.