JOY Fundraising & Community Kindness

Let's spread some joy!

Every woman longs for joy. But what is true joy, and why does it seem so elusive? True joy depends not on circumstances or emotions, which come and go, but it comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

At JOY International, we are dedicated to helping women take one step closer to Christ...and one step closer to true joy. Since 2006, over 2500 women have attended or participated in JOY events, coming from more than 20denominations, 100 churches, and many with no church affiliation at all.

And we want to continue our work. We want...

  • To love and help women experience a practical and vibrant relationship with God
  • To touch women's lives through our JOY Breakfasts, home Bible studies, monthly Java JOY gatherings, prayer meetings, and training seminars
  • To bless our communities with kindness
  • To inspire and encourage women through social media and blogging
  • To link arms with women from more than 100 churches and 20 denominations
  • To accept and include women who are far from God
  • To make women feel welcome at every encounter.
  • To grow!

To make an impact on the women around us, we need your help. We're asking a minimum donation of $11. We'll give you a beautiful purple scarf to identify you are a JOY supporter. We'd also love it if you would prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter of JOY International to help this good and fruitful ministry continue.

Make a donation

JOY International is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization operating solely on the funding of private donations. All donations are tax-deductible, and a gift receipt will be issued.

JOY's Community Kindness Outreach

We women can make a difference in our community by serving others with kindness. The JOY scarves are a symbol of this. Every time you serve as a JOY woman, you wear the purple scarf to identify you as a JOY supporter. Tie it around your neck, belt, purse, or arm. You might even want to wave it in the air!

Right now, we are ready to focus our service on two community organizations: Meals on Wheels and the Bismarck Senior and Mandan Senior Centers. We know we can bless them with women willing to package or deliver meals, or help in many other ways they need. And when you step forward to serve, you'll be the hands and feet of Jesus as you help people who are sick, shut-in, or unable to cook or eat nutritious food. 

Sign up here to serve